About Us

Ambitious Stages is a single member LLC doing business as Fruit Refreshers, Ecommerce platform which specializes in the sale of Caribbean sweets & treats, as well as Juices.

The CEO of Ambitious stages decided upon this journey, when she saw there was a shortage of authentic Caribbean Flavors in foreign countries, when it came to those historic Caribbean treats. 

Being of Caribbean decent, she believes more-so in preserving and maintaining the culture by bridging the gap between the people and quality products from the different Caribbean cultures. All products are made from scratch using organic ingredients to ensure quality and authenticity. 

These products are made fresh and carefully inspected before shipping. Our Unique packages enhances the presentation of our products which serves as a great gift idea for your friends,  family and colleagues, whether it be a birthday,  just because gesture or parties.

We also cater to parties and other special events with our food items, such as our famous Jerked Chicken and festival, Fried Chicken, Curried Goat, Braised Oxtails, Fresh Salads and Fruit Salads.

Ambitious stages LLC doing business as Fruit Refreshers, is a unique business. A percentage of the money accumulated from this business, is used to run her nonprofit organization which assist men, women and children affected by domestic violence.

As their mantra states, "Let Quality Be The Hallmark In Everything You Do."

"Fruit Refreshers,  bringing "D Caribbean Flava 2 U."